Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is the service reliable?
A: Historical uptime exceeds 99.99%, which is more reliable than a typical DSL or cable connection. Maintenance is scheduled for overnight hours so there are no scheduled outages during business hours or evening family time.
Q: Does weather affect the connection?
A: No - you will not experience degradation in services due to typical weather such as snow, rain, hail, or fog.
Q: Is this the same as a satellite connection?
A: Not even close. This is a terrestrial fixed-point wireless connection, which sends its signals a few miles down the road to our network centers rather than thousands of miles into space. The difference means that your connection is fast, reliable, and low latency (low lag) - none of which satellite connections can offer.
Q: How much latency does the connection have?
A: Typical latency across the network is 1 to 10 milliseconds, depending on specifics unique to each installation. This is low enough to support voice over IP (VOIP) telephones, cell phone wifi connections (or microcells), VPN connections, real-time gaming, and super-fast web surfing. Compare that to DSL and Cable (typically 50 milliseconds or more) or satellite which can exceed 2,000 milliseconds.
Q: How does the connection get into my home?
A: A small dish (smaller than a satellite TV dish) will be placed on your home (usually the roof) where it receives the best signal. From there a shielded and grounded ethernet cable is routed into your home to whatever point you would like to have the internet connection.
Q: Are there data caps or usage limitations?
A: There are no data caps. If you consistently max out your connection for extended periods we may ask that you move up to a dedicated bandwidth plan that more closely matches your usage needs.
Q: Do I need a router? Can I use my own router if I wish?
A: You do not need your own router, but you can use your own if you wish to do so. We typically stock some standard WiFi routers which can be purchased from us if desired.
Q: Can I connect all of my computers and devices to the same connection?
A: Absolutely. The speed of your chosen package will be shared among all computers and devices that you choose to connect, so as you add devices you might want to increase the speed package of your internet connection to accommodate.
Q: Can I keep my phone number if I switch to your phone service?
A: Yes - most phone numbers can be transferred so you will not lose your number. Your phone number can also be transferred away from us to another provider if you choose to leave us for any reason.
Q: Can I use my fax machine with the phone service?
A: Traditional analog fax machines require a dedicated fax line which is separate from your voice line. Dedicated fax lines have special equipment that converts the analog fax signals to the digitial signals used by the phone system and are not compatible with the digital voice service. Dedicated fax lines are the same price as a residential phone line and include free long distance to the US 48 and Canada.
Q: Can I add or modify my service plans or service levels after installation?
A: Yes - you can add or modify services at any time by calling or emailing with your request.
Q: Can I run my own server off of the connection?
A: Yes - you will need to purchase the static IP option.
Q: Can I access my security cameras remotely?
A: With the static IP option you will be able access your internal network from anywhere in the world. Ensuring that the camera system is functioning and accessible to the network is the customer's responsibility.
Q: How secure is the wireless connection?
A: Each wireless link is encrypted from end to end to prevent snooping and evesdropping. Once your data leaves the wireless network it is no different than any other internet connection, so appropriate precautions should always be followed just as if it were any other internet connection.